Reformation Fitness




Your one-stop shop for all things fitness

It’s like having a membership to four different studios under one roof.


Cardio, strength training, and core work all in one class.  These fast-paced sets will test your endurance and build your strength from the inside out.  For good measure, we’ll add in kettlebells, treadmill work, free weights, pull-up bars, and the kitchen sink.


Based on principles of high-intensity interval training (H.I.I.T) and metabolic conditioning, these hyper-efficient workouts mix it up with power, strength, endurance, coordination, core, jumps, cuts, and jives. Prepare to sweat and get shredded!


Hop in the saddle and experience a ridiculous variety of climbs and sprints to some fantastic beats. This total-body, high-octane cycling workout delivers maximum results with minimum impact on your joints.


Our strength & sports conditioning mat classes incorporate the principles of circuit training with the philosophies of Pilates. Sculpted and toned from head-to-toes, these classes will leave you feeling accomplished, challenged and sore in all the right places. 


Dynamic yoga sequences to help build inner strength, increase flexibility, and enhance the connection between mind and body.  Power Yoga combines breath with movement and leaves you feeling stronger, energized, and ready to tackle the world.


Using a wide-range of spring resistance equipment, these classes will challenge your body in every way possible.  From strengthening deep core muscles to developing powerful arms and legs to increasing endurance, your body will be truly transformed.       



We strive to help members achieve their highest fitness level possible! Offering classes that are intelligently designed to dynamically challenge our members to break through fitness barriers each-and-every workout.  Build lean & powerful muscle, significantly raise cardio endurance, develop superior core strength, increase metabolic burn rates, greatly improve flexibility, agility, balance and coordination.

Simply put we live, breathe, and sweat just one word — ACHIEVE!


We’re not just a TRX studio that offers Group Reformer, or a H.I.I.T. gym with Spin classes. We are proud to bring a full-service gym experience to the DMV community. At Reformation Fitness, it’s like having a membership to four different studios all under one roof. There’s no such thing as a plateau in our vocabulary. Offering 125+ weekly classes, we provide options to fit every fitness level.

Super Convenient to Downtown DC

One of my favorite gyms in DC. I mainly take the reformer classes and they are definitely among the best in DC. Mike, Sarah, and Virginia are amazing instructors and always give challenging and varied workouts. Even if I come to class two days in a row, they are always changing it up and I’ve never once been bored in any of their classes.

Sue’s Studio TRX class is also really fun and very challenging. She is a great instructor and very helpful for students new to her class.

Caroline R.

Top Notch Trainers + Full-Body Workouts

I love this boutique gym in DC. Misook and Mike are committed to hiring top-notch trainers and creating hard, full body workouts. The TRX and metcon classes will leave you sweating and you will be sore in places you forgot you had muscles! The Pilates reformer classes stretch you out and elongate. In all the classes, the trainers work hard to correct form to limit injury, which as a physician, I hold very highly. They don’t try to pack people in like sardines so you actually have space to work out.

Raina H.

Still Going 4 Years Strong

I love it here. It’s a super friendly, warm, and encouraging environment; the workouts are consistently challenging and they cater to all skill levels. The instructors take the time to notice and work with individual clients when necessary so you get things right. Finally, there are a ton of conveniently scheduled classes–and lots of them. I’ve been coming here since 2013 and can’t imagine working out as happily or effectively anywhere else.

Kate K.

So Many Offerings, Such Great Value

I really like that so many different classes are offered at one studio, and at reasonable prices! The instructors are amazing, and you will never leave feeling like you didn’t work up a good sweat. Finally, Reformation Fitness is very good at providing fun specials that support great causes. I highly recommend this studio and hope others love it as much as I do 🙂

Lee-Anne G.

Like an Extended Family in the Neighborhood

Reformation Fitness is the best of both worlds: it has top-notch, experienced, sought-after trainers/coaches, but is independently owned and offers small classes. It definitely has the boutique and community feel with intense workouts. I just took Mike’s Pilates class (I have been taking classes from him for almost four years) and it is always hard, upbeat, and makes me feel like a million bucks when I leave. Misook is just amazing; her MetCon and personal training sessions are second to none. Also, I highly recommend the 2MetCon classes; it’s actually one of those workouts I look forward to because I know he will kick my butt, but it will be a fun, energetic class.
Reformation Fitness is definitely like an extended family in the neighborhood… couldn’t live without it!!

Sarah P.