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How do I get started?

It’s simple! Click here and sign up for class. You will enter our online reservation system and create an account. 
If you have any questions, contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

What's the cancellation & tardiness policy?

Sessions must be canceled online with a minimum of a 9 hour notice prior to the start of class. Cancellations made after this point may be subject to a partial or full charge for the session. Waitlisted clients have up to 9 hours prior to class start time to make any online cancellations without penalty. Spaces will be held for clients up to 5 minutes after the start time of class. After this period has lapsed, unoccupied spaces may be released and filled by another client. Clients who late cancel or no-show using a pass to reserve a class will be subject to a $10 fee (studio class) or $15 fee (group reformer).

What's the expiration policy?
  • Single sessions are active for one (1) month from date of purchase;
  • 5 session packages are active for two (2) months from date of purchase;
  • 10 session packages are active for four (4) months from date of purchase;
  • 25 session packages are active for eight (8) months from date of purchase. 

Expired sessions may be reinstated upon request for up to an additional two months. Please note that there may be a 10% reactivation fee applied to the open value of classes reinstated. All passes are active from the date of purchase (or auto-renewal) until the set time expires. Provided 48 hours prior written notice, passes may be put on pause/hold for 7-14 days once every three months of any active contract.

Can I get a refund?

Refunds may be requested on any unused, active sessions provided no outstanding balance is due and request is made within 30 days of purchase date. A 20% transaction fee may be applied on the refunded amount. Unfortunately, packages past 30 days from date of purchase, as well as all passes, cannot be refunded. Passes are non-transferable between clients and are subject to termination due to frequent client tardiness or late cancellation. 


  • No food or eating in the studio.
  • Turn off all cell phones and mobile devices prior to class.
  • Follow instructions from instructors and posted signs.
  • Must be courteous and respectful of all others during class.